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Mono Anchorage

Nickname : Factory Sale Mono-strand Anchorage for PC Strand
Application: Mono-strand Anchorage
Gurantee: 1year
OEM&ODM: Acceptable


 The material for this anchorage is spheroidal graphite cast iron, which puts traditional anchor ring and plate into one integration anchor. It simplifies the complicated manufacturing procedure and structure, which has the advantage of convenient construction, perfect sealability and easy to guarantee the perpendicularity between the anchorage and steel strands. And the cost will be saved more than 20%.


Technical Data of Mono-strand Anchorage
Strand A B C D E Weight
mm mm mm mm mm mm kg
12.7 127 57.1 33 50.8 63.5 0.48
15.2 148 76 41 50.8 82.6 0.93



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