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YSM High Tension Wire Mono Anchorage

Nickname : prestressed anchorage,concrete anchor,concrete wedge anchor,prestressed anchor
Application: highway construction, bridge construction, culvert, mine
Gurantee: 1year
OEM&ODM: Acceptable


High tension wire mono anchorage is specially designed for prestressing high tension wire, such as plain steel wire, indented wire, spiral ribbed bar. Its wedges can be cut into 2 pcs or 3 pcs. The 3 pcs wedges can be repeatedly used.


YSM High Tension Wire Mono Anchorage
Specification YSM5(4)-1 YSM7(6)-1 YSM9(8)-1 YSM10-1 YSM12-1
Length of Wedges
23 25 29 35 41
Anchor Head Dia.(ΦD) 28 32 38 43 46
Height (H)
30 35 40 45 48
QYC80 QYC80 QYC80 QYC140 QYC140



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