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Flat Sheathing Duct

Nickname : Metal Sheathing Duct,Corrugated Pipe,galvanized corrugated pipe,corrugated tube
Application: hole-making in post-tensioning pre-stressing concrete structures or components.



'South-North' Water Diversion Project

The Yellow River Subproject in “South-North’ Water Diversion Project is the most famous water conservancy project in China. The mission of the project is to convert the water from the south coast of the yellow river to the north coast .Then we can realize the water supply to the north part people.


Tianjin beach road of China Railway

Tianjin beach road which also named Haifang road. It’s the No.S11 coastal highway of Tianjin city .The road alleviates the pressure of Tangjin highway, Jinyu road and Hannan road, which can be called the “golden path”.

Construction photos