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YBZ Electric Oil Pump

Nickname : YBZ Electric Oil Pump
Application: YBZ Electric Oil Pump
Gurantee: 1year
OEM&ODM: Acceptable


YBZ electric oil pump is a kind of piston pump with double oil line. It includes the pump, control valve, oil tank and electrical device. The structure of the pump adopts the duplex axial quantitative pump with valve orifice system. It has two oil lines, which will not interfere with each other.


Technical data of YBZ Electric Oil Pump


Nominal Voltage(MPa) Nominal Flow(L/min) Power
High Voltage Low Voltage High Voltage Flow Low Voltage Flow L W H
YBZ2×7-0.6×63 63 7 0.6 2 1 15 400 330 480
YBZ7×7-2×63 63 7 2 7 2.2 40 480 430 680
YBZ2×2-50 50 2×2 3 45 745 495 1052
YBZ2×1.5-63 63 2×1.5 3 45 745 495 1052
YBZ2×4-50 50 4 4 45 745 495 1052



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