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KJ130 Duct-making Machine

Nickname : pipe making machine,steel pipe making machine,duct making machine,duct forming machine
Application: mainly used in making metal sheathing duct
Gurantee: 1year
OEM&ODM: Acceptable


As a machine to produce metal ducts for making pre-arranged holes in prestressing concrete, it can produce single-ripple and double-ripple metal ducts with diameters between 35 mm and 130mm. The machine is suitable for both on-site and in-factory constructions. In addition, our company also produces BGJ flat-duct-making machine, which is an auxiliary device for KJ130.


Technical data of KJ130 Duct-making Machine



Producting Speed m/min φ35-φ65 4
φ70-φ130 2
ID of Duct mm 35-130
Thickness of Steel Belt mm 0.25-0.35
Width of Steel Belt mm 36
Power of Main Motor kW 3
Rotating Speed of Main Motor rad/min 1430
Power of Cutting Motor kW 0.6
Rotating Speed of Cutting Motor rad/min 1390



'South-North' Water Diversion Project

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Tianjin beach road of China Railway

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Construction photos




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