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MBV80 Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Nickname : Water Ring Vacuum Pump
Gurantee: 1year
OEM&ODM: Acceptable


In post-tensioning ducts, MBV80 water ring vacuum pump is used to make negative pressure when grouting. After connecting with the well-sealing prestressing ducts, start the MBV80 water ring vacuum pump, which makes the internal pressure achieve and keep -0.06~-0.01MPa, and then continue to evacuate at one side, grout from the other side until all the ducts are full of cement slurry.


Technical data of MBV80 Water Ring Vacuum Pump


Max.Air Flow Volume(m³/h) 80
Ultimate Vacuum(-Mpa) 0.097
Motor Power(kW) 2.5
Rotating Speed of Pump(r.p.m) 285
Flow of Working Liquid(L/min) 2.5
Noise(dbA) 66
Weight(kg) 180



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